Pedro is a a visionary Real Estate Professional and Investor in the North Dallas real estate scene. Alongside his wife Kayla, Pedro runs their own Real Estate business with a clear mission: to offer a High Level service to home buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

If the idea of working with a typical, cookie-cutter agent doesn't excite you, then Pedro is your ideal partner. His commitment to doing things differently and his focus on creating value and wealth for his clients make him the go-to real estate professional in North Dallas. Choose Pedro, and experience the difference that thoughtful, personalized, and innovative real estate services can make in your life.



Connect with Pedro via phone, text, or the contact form to kickstart your real estate journey by discussing your goals and expectations.

A 45-minute meeting where we dive deeper into your specific needs and circumstances. This session is crucial to discuss aspects like pre-approvals and identifying your property requirements allowing a tailored strategy that takes you closer to your real estate goals.

To proceed, a Listing Agreement or a Buyer's Representation form is required. This formal step signifies the mutual commitment to achieve your real estate goals.

Whether it's finding potential buyers for your listing or seeking out your dream home, my goal is to help you identify the ideal match that aligns with your goals and expectations.

Whether you are selling or buying, the details matter. Pedro takes into consideration price, terms, qualifications, lenders and more to submit or accept the best offer.

At this stage, inspections take place to make certain that both parties understand the state of the home.

This is the day where YOU WIN! This is the moment where keys and finances are exchanged, hands become weary from inking all the paperwork and the champagne is poised for celebration!

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Absolutely! Pedro works with a diverse range of clients, from buyers and sellers to investors, and across all budget ranges. His goal is to provide tailored real estate solutions that meet everyone's unique needs and desires!


Pedro is not just a Real Estate Professional he is an Investor, giving him an edge on his knowledge about the Real Estate market.

His passion for innovation and excellence sets him apart, and with his wife, they pride themselves on their expertise in cutting-edge marketing strategies and their ability to think outside the conventional boundaries. This unique approach ensures that their clients not only achieve their immediate real estate goals but are also positioned for long-term success.

Frequently Ask Questions

See some common questions and answers below, or contact Pedro at 469.943.7181

Should I have a pre-approval before house shopping?

Yes, it is generally recommended to get pre-approved for a mortgage before house shopping. This step is beneficial as it provides invaluable information for budgeting and financial planning leading up to your purchase. It also shows sellers that you're a serious buyer, which can give you a superior bargaining position. 

How much money do I have to put down to buy a house?

The amount of money you need to put down to buy a house can vary significantly depending on the type of mortgage you choose. Here are some common types and their usual requirements:

FHA loans: The typical minimum down payment for an FHA loan is 3.5%.

Conventional loans: Most conventional loans require a minimum down payment of 3-5%, although lenders may require more based on your credit score and other factors.

PMI removal: Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is typically required on conventional loans when the down payment is less than 20% of the home's purchase price. If you're able to put down 20% or more, you can avoid this extra cost.

Does it cost money to use a realtor?

Yes, using a realtor does involve costs, but who pays these fees can depend on whether you're the buyer or the seller.If you're buying a home, typically you won't have to pay for the services of a real estate agent. The reason is that the seller usually covers the commission for both their own agent and the buyer's agent. This commission is traditionally around 5-6% of the home's selling price, split between the two agents.

Do you work with out-of-state clients?

Yes, all out-of-states are welcome whether they are looking to relocate to Texas or looking for investment properties. Luke provides comprehensive virtual tours using a gimbal for smooth video experiences. This hands-on approach ensures out-of-state clients receive the same dedicated service as our local ones.

Do you sell new construction?

Yes! Whether you're looking for a brand-new home or commercial property, Luke can guide you through the entire process, ensuring that all your needs and requirements are met.

What is your marketing strategy for selling my home?

With a comprehensive marketing strategy, the approach includes taking professional photographs and aerial drone footage to showcase your property from every angle and using a gimbal for video tours, ensuring a smooth, high-quality viewing experience. All of these efforts are aimed at highlighting the unique features and beauty of your home, making it stand out to potential buyers.

Do you work with all types of budgets?

Yes, Luke is committed to helping you find the perfect home that fits within your budget.

How do you determine the listing price for my home?

Determining the listing price for your home involves a careful analysis of several factors. Researching recent sales of similar properties in your area, current market trends, and unique features of your home will factor in the value.  A thorough evaluation will help determine a competitive price that attracts buyers while maximizing your return on investment.

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